Teak furniture

Buddha statue

Granite Buddha statue to grace your home or your koi pond.

Teak furniture – Mirror – old charming by teak element

Made of old teak wood.Makes your home feel the reflection of the beauty of the beholder.

This teak mirror will be a part of your family – next generation collection items.


Ganesha statue

Hand carved stone Ganesha.

Teak wood furniture – Mirror

Mirror with frames made out of recycled teak.

Ceiling lamp

Bring about that old-school feel with antique reproduction lighting designs from TeakElement.com

Garden Light

Made of granite/marble stone.

Give your garden a beauty with disperse light through the holes created to disperse the shine of warm feeling in



Lights – Hand Crafted.

Teak element provides the lights and cozy brightness in any part of your home.

Its brighten up your life.


Wash basin

Each washbasin is hand-crafted from individual granite river rock that have withstood the elements for many millennia .