Teak furniture Malaysia – Racks, Shelves & Drawers

Teak wood furniture Malaysia – chest of drawers

Teak wood chest of  Drawers to keep valuable items.

Made by recycle teak wood from woods taken from old homes. We based in Kota Damansara, Malaysia

Teak Furniture Malaysia -Solid teak tv console

Teak wood  TV rack with 8 drawers and 3 shelving units.

Teak element  Retail of Premium Quality Teak Wood Furniture with water based paint to show the grain of quality teak wood.


Teak furniture – TV Rack


Teakelement TV table – while you watch your favourite movies ,our Teak TV rack gives you and family the feeling

of  grand view.

Always remember, a good teak furniture always have a certain element of grand feeling for the home. Our location currently in Kota Damansara,Malaysia

Teak Furniture Malaysia- Chest of drawers

Teak wood Chest of 3 drawers. Made from recycled teak wood.

The beauty of teak wood grain at its best.

Teak element furniture – Keep your personal items in every corner of your home.

We based in Kota Damansara ,Malaysia

Teak wood furniture – rack and drawers

Display racks made from teak that can last many lifetimes.

Teak wood furniture malaysia -Timeless Piece Of Teak kitchen cabinets and drawers

Pictured here is a solidly constructed teak kitchen cabinet minus the counter-top.

When it comes to owning beautifully designed and good quality teak  furniture from Teakelement for your kitchen made of teak wood cabinet for long lasting.All our teak wood furniture coated with water based paint.

Teak Furniture – tv rack

TV rack made from recycled teak.

Teak furniture – wardrobe

Reclaimed teak carpentry at its best.

Teak Furniture Malaysia – Chest of drawers

This 5-drawer unit is made from recycled teak wood. Teakelement offers high quality handmade teak  furniture crafted from solid teak wood.

Teak wood furniture -recycle teak tv rack.

Recycle teak TV rack made of old teak timber salvage from old houses.

The quality  of recycle  teak wood is much  better than new teak like plantation teak wood due to young and small

diameter of the tree is cut for heavy commercial purpose. The  more older the teak tree are better .

Young tree will never give you the rich brown color.